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"Learning-curve" billing

The practice of patent law inevitably involves communicating and defining new technology.  Moreover, Boyle, PLLC understands and appreciates that inventors associated with new patent applications can be expected to have access to a technical knowledge base that is larger  than the technical knowledge base of any law firm it retains to prosecute that application.  

Accordingly, it is useful to facilitate a "knowledge-based" meeting point between the inventors and new attorneys, so that the attorneys can bring their expertise to the inventors, and the inventors can bring their expertise to the attorneys.   

For that reason, and it certain instances where a client opts for time-based billing, Boyle, PLLC can offer that client a time-based discounted billing rate for new attorneys prosecuting new applications.

We refer to this approach as "learning-curve" billing, and are pleased to offer further details to our clients, upon request.